About Me

My Health Mission

Hi, my name is Brandy Lang, PT, MS, cert DN. My philosophy about health and freedom of movement go hand in hand. A person's internal and external environment play a vital role in whether they move well and in turn whether they can sustain that movement to live a healthy, pain free life. Our body is a set of pulley systems intertwined and communicating in a finely tuned beautifully engineered masterpiece. When our guide wires are off and pulling opposite to the system our system responds in an unfavorable way leading to pain, restriction, and weakness. My mission is to help people find the cause of their pain and guide them toward a pain free life. This is done by working one on one with your physical therapist to develop and collaborate a plan to achieve your goals. You have to want it to achieve it!

Experience and Education

I first started learning about the body's internal environment while achieving my B.S. in Biology from UNCC in 2003. The effects of stress, toxicities, nutrition, and various pathologies on the human body was exciting and needed to be included in our current healthcare system. After getting my M.S. in Physical Therapy from WSSU in 2006, my love of working with the human body as a functional movement specialist grew. I have since increased my knowledge and experience as a Myofascial Release Therapist using the John F. Barnes approach, as an Orthopedic Manual Therapist using the Maitland-Austrailian approach, and have obtained by Dry Needling certification from the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy. All this has lead me to you. I look at the body as a 4 dimensional system. It can't be separated into parts, it has to be respected and understood by the right therapist. Then and only then can you achieve your goals. 

Upcoming Events

Next Event: Health and Wellness event

Learn what your health says about you and what you can do to be proactive and control your health. 

Maintenance Program

Looking to find a therapist that keeps you on the trail, in the gym, on the court, and on the job then contact me for details on my maintenance program. 


Do you have experience with all parts of the body? Yes. From head to toe I can work with you.

Do you take insurance? No. I am an out of network provider with all insurances. I have chosen to do this so I can provide you with the best service possible 

Do I need a doctor's order? In the state of NC you do not need a doctor's order for PT. However, in order to submit a claim to your insurance you may. Please check with your insurance to confirm these details.