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Myofascial Release


Fascia is a 3 dimensional web that covers and connects every cell in the body from your head to your toes. When this system is dehydrated, damaged, and disorganized you have pain and restriction. When you have a therapist trained in manual therapy that gives the right pressure for the right amount of time and knowing where your body needs it most and cares about your well being you're in the right place. 

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Orthopedic Manual Therapy


The framework that gives us structure is our bones. These bones when misaligned or not moving well can result in pain, weakness, neurological symptoms, and movement deficiencies that can cause more problems. When you have a therapist that knows how to assess and integrate this system taking into consideration all the structures that connect to your bones you're in the right place. Physical therapy takes into account all aspects of what effects the human body both internal and external. 

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Dry Needling


The toxicity left in muscle tissue when your body is in spasm can keep your body in pain. This pain can become chronic and lead to restriction in movement. This restriction can result in stuck inflammation and more pain. When you have a therapist that knows when to use dry needling to help with pain relief, decreasing inflammation and returning tissue to a healthier state you're in the right place. 

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